Restorative Yoga – Rejuvenating Stretch For Calm And Clarity

Martial Arts Flexibility Tips

Anyone who has watched a martial arts program or tried martial arts knows that flexibility is very important because you are always moving. Before starting on the training and learning the different moves and holds it is important that you do some stretching exercises. This helps with martial arts flexibility. It is an often overlooked part of martial arts training. In order to maximize the benefits of the training along with improving your range of motion you need to be flexible.

The Value of Bunkai, or Martial Arts Technique Training

Many people question the need for Bunkai, or training in techniques taken from forms or kata. This article sets forth the very important reasons for this kind of training. It is backed up by a very good example.

Mixed Martial Arts Uncaged

Mixed martial arts uncage is a small primer all about the spot of mma, it covers the history, rules, gear, benefits, and much more. This article is a breakdown of the sport as a whole.

Bruce Lee: What’s All the Fuss?

Bruce Lee “The Little Dragon,” who in the developed world is not familiar with him? The stories about him are legendary, he has influenced millions and still does to this very day. But what is the allure of this Chinese/American other than his incredible physique, flawless moves and cult classic films?

4 Reasons to Wear Martial Arts Shoes

Protective shoes or footwear are often worn by those trained in different martial arts. Shoes are worn for a variety of reasons, such as to show respect for the particular type of martial art and its traditions, as well as to avoid injury and increase hygiene.

Martial Art Styles – Benefits for Women

Learning a style of martial arts can help women defend themselves from sexual and physical abuse, being raped, robbed, harassed, and more. In order to protect themselves, it is important that women learn some style of martial arts. This could help get them out of some dangerous situations because martial arts can help them learn self-defense. When choosing a style of martial arts you should choose one that suits your personality.

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