Restorative Yoga the Deeper Explanation

Atlanta Martial Arts

Atlanta, Georgia is well-known for being the birth place of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., where Dr. John S. Pemberton first invented the famous cola drink, and, of course, Southern hospitality and culture. While martial arts is not included in Atlanta’s many lists of “10 Must See’s,” it still has a prominent gathering in the Peach State.

Flexible Fighter, Why Yoga Is Good for MMA

A lot of people unfamiliar with combat sports may assume that training for MMA (or mixed martial arts) just requires a lot of aggression and physical strength training, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The fact is that technique, emotional control and balance training is far more important, and that’s why practicing yoga is so very valuable to an MMA fighter. MMA fighting is not just an unstructured do-or-die dogfight — it is instead every bit the skilled art that its name suggests, and a contemplative yoga regimen opens one’s eyes to that fact.

How Beneficial Are Kids’ Martial Arts

Some parents think that enrolling their kids in kids’ martial art will only lead to further trouble. However, it is actually the opposite. The truth is that martial arts, parents ought to know, offers a diverse set of benefits to young children.

Do You Study Martial Arts? Study With Intent

The terminology ‘study martial arts’ has gotten some controversy over the last ten or twenty years. Serious martial artists have criticized the term. In its place, they say, should go the words ‘practice martial arts’ or ‘train in the martial arts.’ Certainly this has some validity. The words ‘study martial arts’ seems to imply that those who say they study martial arts merely read books and talk about it to their friends. They never actually train.

Why Wrestlers Excel at MMA

What do UFC Champions Chris Weidman, Jon Jones and Cain Velasquez have in common? Each had a strong background in wrestling prior to his rise to the top of MMA. In fact, wrestling is widely known to be one of the most important skills in the MMA fighter toolkit. Here are five reasons wrestlers excel at MMA:

Know Your Weakness: The Takedown

So you say you’ve got a pretty good ground game, but what happens when you stand up? The takedown is that moment of truth where all your BJJ knowledge and skills can literally be flattened by a wrestler in a gi. So what do you do? According to UFC guru Ricardo Pires, the key to success–in the takedown and in your life–is knowing your limitations.

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