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Boxing Shoes Are a Vital Part of Success

Anyone who is involved or interested in the boxing world already understands how vital having the perfect boxing shoes is to the success of a boxer. There are many accessories and aids for boxing like boxing gloves, hand wraps and other gear designed to protect.

Boxing Shoes – A Few Features to Consider

If you have been a part of the boxing world for a while or if you just like to use boxing as a part of your workout, you will most likely already realize the importance of getting the right type of boxing shoes for your activities. For those people just entering this sport in some context, you may not totally understand what the most vital features are in these types of shoes.

Manny vs Clottey – Could Ghana Score an Upset?

On the 13th of March, 2009 (March 14 in the Philippines) “The Event” at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium features two proud warriors from the Philippines and Ghana. Pound-for-pound king Mnny Pacquiao from General Santos city in Mindanao, Philippines, will face off with the big, tough Ghananian from Accra.

Uppercut Punching Bags

Uppercut punching bags are another type of bag that is not quite as popular or well known as the hanging or standing bags. This bag was created for the sole purpose of practicing uppercuts.

Hard Being Haye

Both the Klitschkos have been gunning for Haye since he announced his plans to compete as a heavyweight. He has been vocal in his intentions to unify the title and far from complementary to Messer’s Vitali and Wladamir.

High Top Boxing Shoes From Everlast

Everlast is a brand to reckon with in the segment of boxing gear and apparel. And the high top boxing shoes from Everlast only reiterate the good name the brand has created for itself in the boxing supplies arena. High top boxing shoes are indeed a basic necessity if you are an ardent kick boxer.

Essential Muay Thai Boxing Equipment

When you starting out in Muay Thai, there is other essential Thai boxing equipment that you need apart from Thai boxing shorts. Getting your own equipment should not be necessary as the gym should provide some gloves, shin guards and body protection.

Box With a Dental Implant

One common accident that occurs to a boxer is losing a tooth after a fight. Hard-knocking punches may have the power to break a boxer’s teeth. In case this happens, there is a dental remedy-using dental implants.

Kids Boxing – Learn Fitness While Staying Safe

Boxing is more than punching someone, it is about pushing yourself to become fit, learning new skills and increasing your self-confidence. Boxing is about feeling better about yourself. In this article I will be focusing on learning boxing for fitness and self-confidence, however boxing can also be used to learn self-defense or to compete.

Manny Pacquiao – The Best Boxing Champion and Legend of His Generation

Legends are not born, they are made. Manny Pacquiao is the reigning pound for pound King according to Ring Magazine.

The Business of Boxing – How Long Will Fight Fans Tolerate This?

It is times like this that I question why I tolerate the politics of boxing. The simple answer is, I love the sport. I love boxing.

Punching Bag Choices Can Be Tricky!

So what do you want your punching bag for? If you are developing a hard, powerful punch then you are going to need to buy a heavy punching bag. If you desire to develop speed and timing than you will need to purchase a double ended punching bag.

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