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Basic Punching Bag Training – Getting Started on the Punching Bag

This mini guide will help you get started on the punching bag. Learn some basic tips about punching and combos you can practice when beginning.

John Paul “The Beast” Mugabi – Uganda’s 1980 Bid For Boxing Olympic Gold in Moscow

Before he turned professional, famous Ugandan boxer John Paul “the Beast” Mugabi was simply John Mugabi–a young and hard-hitting, fast, promising boxer. After his silver medal win at the 1980 Olympics that were held in Moscow, 20 year-old Mugabi eyed the professional scene. Renowned British trainer and manager Mickey Duff noticed Mugabi and quickly enlisted him. Duff is one of many (including Ugandan Charles Lubulwa who participated in 3 Olympic tournaments) who opine that Mugabi was robbed of the Olympic gold medal. Thirty years later, legendary John Mugabi remains the last Ugandan to win an Olympic boxing medal.

How to Protect Your Hands When Boxing

All boxers know that they must protect their hands as broken bones can halt a fighter’s hobby… or career. This article looks at why you should protect your hands and what you can do to prevent fractures.

Ken Norton’s 1973 Title Belt Going Up For Auction

It was a bout that stunned the world. In 1973, Muhammad Ali was near the height of his career, having suffered only one loss two years earlier at the hands of Joe Frazier. But by March 1973, “the Greatest” was again the North American Boxing Federation heavyweight champion.

Why Do Ice Skate Bags Matter?

Ice skate bags are used in the field of ice skating to carry and keep one’s skate boots. Skate boots are made from carbon steel which can easily erode when it is in constant contact with water. The carbon steel is quite strong however to handle hard conditions such as ice for a certain length of time.

Jump Rope For Boxing and Muay Thai

There are many ways to jump rope. In any gym it is unlikely that two people will jump with the same style, intensity and rhythm. Jumping rope is truly a personal experience. Some People find a fifteen minute jump rope session to be one of the most redundant and boring parts of training. Me, I find jumping rope to a part of training that I look forward to each and every training session.

Amir Khan – On the Road to Freddie Roach!

A technical analysis of Amir Khan, focusing in particular on his amateur style, his transition to the professional ranks and his ultimate switch to Freddie Roach’s Wild Card gym. What technical aspects of Amir Khan’s style were affected during the first phase of his pro career and how Freddie Roach has re-instilled the basic skills that make great fighters great!

Footwork Drills in Boxing – Roadwork Training

Footwork drills in boxing and roadwork training are an essential part of conditioning. Although every fighter that is involved in a “stand-up” fighting sport understands the value of having strong legs and a basic fitness foundation through running, many of the newer competitors are not quite sure what type of running to do. Below are a few drills that will encourage positive development of footwork that will transfer directly to the ring.

The Manny Pacquiao Story – From Rags to Riches

Manny Pacquaio, the world-class boxer from the Philippines began his life as a son of a very poor family. He hailed from General Santos City and grew up selling bread on the streets. That is where he earned his toughness and relentlessness. Continue on reading and learn more things about the best pound for pound boxer and arguably the best fighter in the world today; Manny Pacquiao.

Old School Punching Bags – Are They the Real Deal Or Are They History?

No matter if you are young or old. The modern age warrior should read the following facts about the old school punching bags.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Are you getting chased by annoying and mean bullies? Or do you have an interest in fighting? Maybe you want to work out and build up a lot of muscle? Or maybe you just want to learn how to box? Boxing is a great sport because it helps you do multiple things at once.

A Boxers Best Abdominal Exercises

Boxers know that the best abdominal exercises are the ones that make their stomach muscles burn. To compete at the professional level boxers know that their abdominal section is the weakest part of their bodies.

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