Ballogou – “The African Assassin” – Getting it Done in Church

From the pounding of the heavy bags, the lightning quick claps from the speed bags and the grunts from the boxers sparring in the ring you know you have reached boxing heaven. Ballogou is inspired by the success of the aging light heavyweights Antonio Tarver, Glen Johnson and Roy Jones Jr. all who are 39 years old to help fuel his comeback

The Magic Man Makes Promises to Tear Up the Hitman

The Hatton vs. Malignaggi super fight is already hotting up. After almost losing an eye The Magic Man proves he’s still got plenty of lip.

Learning Fearlessness from a Child

Starting to learn how to box could be intimidating to a number of people. However, with the analogies that the author is presenting, the skeptical will surely think twice. Discover how a child learns to do new things as a neophyte tries to learn the sport of boxing.

Cardio Kickboxing Classes

If you have a gym membership you may want to join a cardio kickboxing class. It’s a great way to get a good workout.

The Cotto – Margarito Experience

Miguel Cotto fight held on July 26th at the MGM Arena in Las Vegas will go down as the best boxing match in recent history compared to the Vasquez – Marquez wars. Sitting ringside along with some fellow great fighters Winky Wright, Zab Judah, Juan Manuel Lopez, Jorge Arce and Fernando Vargas I was amazed watching as they were even ducking at every thrown punch.

Boxing Tips

Boxing is a popular sport that many people love to watch. Most boxing enthusiasts are satisfied with just watching boxing, but some want to take it to the next level by learning how to box. Boxing is not a mindless sport wherein you just punch your opponent; much more is required from boxers. Searching and reading about boxing tips will certainly help you pursue your dream of boxing.

Boxing Rankings

Boxing rankings are important for a number of reasons. First of all, individuals are able to find out what place their favorite boxer holds in comparison to other boxers. This is good to know for the average boxing enthusiast.

Juan Diaz – “The Baby Bull”

This will be Diaz’s return to Houston after not fighting there for 3 years and he views this as a big home field advantage. Diaz takes great pride in being a champion, understands the dedication required to regain his belts.

Danny Jacobs “Seven Knockouts Eleven Rounds”

Even the legendary Iron Mike Tyson who like Jacobs grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn needed 13 rounds to accumulate 7 victories. Tyson went on to win his first 19 bouts by knock out.

Boxing Gyms

Boxing gyms have everything you need to become a skilled boxer. They contain the boxing rings, the various types of bags, and skilled trainers to help you make sure you learn what you need to in order to become efficient in the sport. No one should ever go to a boxing gym without knowing what to do when they get there. A lack of awareness can result in injury and other issues that can become quite harmful.

Taking it a Notch Higher!

How do you gain that edge in boxing over others? The answer is simple – by doing it better, stronger and faster. Hard work is a gift. In this article, discover the different areas that you can improve on and how development in each area will translate into a better fitness and skill level, not to mention character.

Proper Punching Techniques – The Truth Behind the Myths

Punching correctly can increase the damage to your target while reducing the damage to your hands and wrists. Punching myths exposed.

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