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The Extraordinary History Of Okinawa Kobudo

To those who are new to the world of martial arts or karate, as well as the weapon systems that exist within the various disciplines to be found, things can get a little confusing at times. For example, while you might be inclined to think that Okinawa kobudo is the same as Okinawan kobudo, you couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Essential Techniques Of Tiger Animal Style

The more you learn about the various styles of kung fu, the more you’re going to understand the value of the five animals. Animal imagery and other elements associated with such animals as the tiger, the crane, the leopard, the snake, and the dragon figure prominently into a variety of kung fu styles. With time, you’ll come to realize that there are even more animals that are utilized to define kung fu styles than the five mentioned above.

Starting Out With Crane Style Kung Fu

When people discuss crane style kung fu, they are inevitably going to discover white crane kung fu. The crane is one of the five main animals of Chinese martial arts, a list which also includes the tiger, the dragon, the snake, and the leopard. The crane is an important animal figure in the world of Chinese martial arts. In terms of crane style kung fu, studying white crane kung fu is absolutely essential to those who want to learn crane style techniques.

How The Keysi Fighting Method Utilizes The Kicking Range

With origins stretching back to Spanish gypsies in the 1950s, the Keysi Fighting Method is nonetheless a relatively new form of self-defense. This fighting style became popularized through being used in a couple of major Hollywood productions, which means it has brought out a few detractors.

How The Keysi Fighting Method Uses The Trapping Range

Also known as the trapping zone or the clinching zone, the trapping range is a critical component to a variety of martial arts and fighting styles. If you want to see how the trapping range is utilized in a combat situation, then simply watch an MMA fight.

How Kuk Sool Won Teaches You To Improvise

In terms of martial arts styles, the Korean martial arts form known as Kuk Sool Won is a relatively new concept. However, it is important to remember that the origins of this style stretch back far beyond the decade in which it was technically established.

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