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How To Choose The Right Martial Arts Class For Your Kids

Signing up your kids for a martial arts class may seem more strenuous than taking him to a regular school to enroll for the upcoming school year. The biggest problem many parents encounter is the wide selection of different types of classes available. Knowing which one will be the best match for the individual child can be a little tricky.

My Trip to Thailand to Study Muay Thai (Part 11) Wrapping Things Up

It has been a ling journey. My son, Nickolas, joins me to round out this crazy experience, and HE fights in the Barbecue Beat Down as well.

My Trip to Thailand to Study Muay Thai (Part 10) Wanna Fight?

In this article, I put my training to the test, and accept a Muay Thai fight in Thailand. This would be a bucket list item for me.

Going Beyond My Tai Chi and Wing Chun Limitations

I had been looking for a martial art that satisfied two critical criteria for me: 1) it was ‘real’ in the sense that it would be combat ‘street’ effective, not based on sport, exercise or moving meditation, 2) it would allow me to progress beyond my skills as a competitive boxer and the martial arts training I had begun at the age of 11, over 40 years before. I’d add in one more thing: it had to be “doable” by a 53 year old man, and not dependent upon incredible, world-class natural talent, gymnastic athleticism, super-human strength or take five years before I could expect enough proficiency to use it should the time come.

How Do I Make My Jiu Jitsu Better?

Every Jiu Jitsu player can make their JJ better. These three principles can teach you how.

Two Popular Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Chokes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an extremely popular martial art. This exiting grappling game involves the usage of leverage techniques to overcome the opponents. This sport is basically inspired from Judo, an old Japanese martial art. New innovations were brought to this sport by the Gracie family of Brazil. They were the ones who launched the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Some of the choke-holds used by Bjj players are also used by samba players and catch wrestlers. Some of the most popular chokes used in this wonderful sport are:

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