#Short – ‘Update’ We Will Be Reviewing Derral Eves’ Book ‘The YouTube Formula’

Can You Really Avoid Attending Karate Classes?

KIAI, you might have heard this sound in Chinese or Japanese originated movies. And for sure, when you hear this word, you start sensing something in you, and later on you imitate those karate actions in front of a mirror, which you had seen in that particular Chinese or Japanese film.

What You Should Say When A Sponsor Asks You To Tell Them About Yourself

If a sponsor ask you to tell them about yourself, what will you say? Read this article and you’ll easily impress them with your answer.

How Does Karate Build Self-Discipline?

When talking about Karate to the uninitiated, I always highlight the importance of Respect and Self-Discipline. More often than not, particularly when I am talking to parents of young children and teenagers, I am asked the question; “How do you teach respect and self-discipline? We’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work.”

Martial Arts – You Need To Fail

The martial arts it seems has answers that adolescents are in need of today. With resilience at an all time low, giving our young the ability to persevere through difficulty is a skill that is as high a priority as an academic education.

Is Chris Weidman Vs Anderson Silva 3 A Good Idea?

Should Anderson Silva be able to defeat Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in January, should Silva be looking at seeking a 3rd fight with the UFC’s current middleweight champ Chris Weidman? There’s already been some talk in the air from both Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Silva saying that he is indeed looking forward to a 3rd fight with Chris, and Weidman stating that a 3rd fight with Anderson would be an “easy payday”.

Fighting Devil Dogs Hot and Heavy on Martial Arts

The Marine Corps not only have a few good men, they are bent on improving them with high class martial arts. Read about MCMAP, the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program.

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