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The Strange History Of Kumdo

From its origins in Japanese Kendo, the Korean martial arts style known as Kumdo has a long, strange history. This is a style of martial arts that is noted for its modern approach to the martial arts concept as a whole, but that is far from the only thing that defines this particular discipline.

The Story Of Ryukyu Kobudo

As a branch of Okinawan kobudo, Ryukyu Kobudo has a great deal of intrigue to offer interested students. It is a branch of the main Okinawan kobudo concept, and it is very important to keep this fact in mind. There are a variety of different styles that exist within Okinawan kobudo. If you’re interested in studying the main subsets of Okinawan kobudo, then you’re definitely going to want to make time for Ryukyu Kobudo.

The Self-Defense Potential Of Kokondo Karate

If you’re going to take a look into the world of Kokondo karate, you’re probably going to be tempted to also investigate Jukido Jujitsu. As you’re going to discover, Jukido Jujitsu is the sister style of Kokondo, which roughly translates into “the way of the past and the present.”

American Kickboxing Is on The Rise

In terms of kickboxing styles that are currently in practice around the world, one certainly wants to pay attention to everything American kickboxing brings to the table. American kickboxing, when compared to some of the other fighting styles or disciplines that are currently in popular use, is a style of kickboxing that is well worth studying.

How Handheld Weapons Are Incorporated Into The Keysi Fighting Method

The Keysi Fighting Method has become popularized through such films as Batman Begins. It is also a fighting style that is not without a certain measure of controversy. However, as a method for fighting and for self-defense, it continues to intrigue.

The Fundamentals Of Leopard Kung Fu

The leopard is an animal that has a great deal of importance in Kung fu. This is perhaps why it is seen as one of the five major animal styles. The other styles are snake, crane, tiger, and dragon. Each style brings something significant to the world of kung fu, in terms of the techniques that serve to define each style. You can very easily apply this thought to leopard style kung fu.

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