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The Gloves Are Coming Off – Part 1

A lot of people still believe that with the introduction of the Marquess of Queensberry rules boxing was made safe and “civilized”, cringing at the thought of “bareknuckle fighting”. Just the very word “bareknuckle” automatically triggers off preconceived ideas of something that is extremely violent, even before they really know what is about to actually happen. Here’s a few facts that many are not aware of.

Punching Bags – The Heavy Bag is Your Opponent

A great boxer understands the importance of strong punches and combination’s to keep his opponent on his toes and to continually establish scenarios where he can land a strong punch. A punching bag is a great place to exercise combination’s and build endurance. Below are a few of the most effective shots/combos out there.

The Well Known Punching Bag

This is a bag that is used for physical fitness. The punching bag is an ancient method used by fighters to keep fit. For sword fighting and other military trainings the punching bag was indispensable.

Manny Pacquiao’s Best Fights Ever

There is no doubt that at present Manny Pacquiao deserves recognition as being the best fighter, pound-for-pound, in the world. This boxing icon deserves the accolade and is the first ever Filipino to reach such dizzy heights. This southpaw dynamo, “Pacman” as he is also known, has had several sensational victories during his career, and still has the power to achieve more.

Beginner Boxing Tips and Punch Technique

Learn the basic punch techniques in boxing. These include the jab, the cross, and the hook.

A Few Tips on Sparring in Boxing

Before you begin sparring with a partner, make sure you protect your knuckles and your wrists. Wrap you hands properly. Have a trainer show you the right way to wrap them, because this is very important.

5 Tips to Know Before Buying Boxing Gloves

Boxing is the best way of exercising, socializing, improving and maintaining the fitness levels. However, your fitness level can only be maintained if you have right kind of fitness equipments for boxing. One of the most important equipments for boxing is the boxing gloves.

Boxing Gloves – Select the Perfect One and Stay in Shape

With the increasing work pressure, we are becoming more frustrated and stressed. We are running after materialistic pleasure without taking proper care of our health. As a result we have to suffer from severe consequences in future.

Punching Bags – How to Get the Most Out of Yours

The key objective of training with the heavy bag is to effectively and quickly land quality punches. The bag is big and heavy in order to develop punching power. Proper technique is not just going to town on the bag until you can’t feel your arms. You get a lot more power if you use proper leverage.

Finding a Boxing Trainer

Firstly – I want to say that most boxing gyms are very welcoming places that are far removed from the dusty smoke filled image you saw in the movies. Often it’s OK to just turn up at a gym, but it might be better to call first in case they reserve certain days/times for newcomers/novice fighters. When you do go, you’ll quickly find that boxers are some of the most genuine people you will ever meet.

Boxing Gym – Exercises You Never Have to Do Again

Do I have to do all the varied activities I see the other fighters are doing to train? Here are just a few activities you can skip to engage in other actions that will actually improve your fight.

Training Versus Competition Gloves

Many people make the mistake of thinking gloves used for training are the same as gloves used for competition. This simply isn’t true. The gloves used for training are often heavier in order to build arm strength. Competition gloves are usually lighter making a better impact.

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