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Facing Threats in the Streets? Know How to Defend Yourself

Would you have the capacity to safeguard yourself and your family in the event that somebody was to physically assault you? It’s an aspect that most of us would prefer not to consider even when crime rates have been on the rise. Thankfully, paying little heed to strength, age, or gender, anybody can realize a few compelling self-protection procedures.

The Popularity Of Kick Boxing For Exercise

Kick boxing is part of mixed martial arts training and has become a highly sought after activity to improve health and build muscle tone. Having been introduced to the United States sports industry in the early 1970s, it has since grown as an intensive and challenging workout. The high standard of cardio activity has gained increased recognition among fitness enthusiasts offering a dynamic approach during group classes and structured gym sessions.

Benefits Of MMA Youth Programs

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a combat sport that is combined with regular exercise for a fun, challenging and engaging total body workout. Fitness for youth introduced through structured programs offers the greatest physical and mental benefits that can be applied into adulthood. Training offered in a fully equipped setting under the guidance of experienced instructors can maximize healthy results.

How to Be a Good Student in the Martial Arts

The key areas I am going to cover are your; Attitude, Effort, Consistency (in attendance), Consistency (in training) Punctuality and Perseverance. These are the main things I look for from students when I am thinking about who are my “top” students.

Kobudo: Weapons and Styles

Kobudo is a weapons-based form of martial arts originating in the Southern Japanese islands of Okinawa. The term Kobudo itself translates from the Japanese as “the old martial of Okinawa”, although the translation is modern as the people of Okinawa did not give names to their martial arts until after the 19th century. The popular myth surrounding Okinawan Kobudo is that it was developed from farmers using their farm tools as weapons, as they were forbidden from having actual weapons by the Japanese Samurai…

Japanese Martial Arts: History, Styles, and Weapons

Japanese Martial Arts – The history of the island nation of Japan paints a clear picture of a proud and powerful people forging a national identity, robust culture, and unique way of life from the crucible of war and uncertain peace. Central to this culture was the concept of martial valor, of being able to fight aggressively as well as defensively, both for the very practical purposes of waging war along with strong notions of duty, honor, and personal development. It was from this militaristic and spiritual foundation that the Japanese martial arts…

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