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Sustainable Alpha: Entering Deep Pools of Silence Through Tai Chi Practice

Research into the highly desirable state of mind termed “ALPHA” show that the brain settles down into 10 cycles per second (10 cps) and becomes dreamy and highly creative. This is a distinct advantage for creative writers, who are otherwise trapped in the BETA brain state (20+ cps) with the rest of the business class world of professional strivers. Tai Chi has promised and delivered a direct path into the ALPHA state by way of meditation in slow motion. This article explores that pathway.

Martial Arts: Do You Think It’s Just for Children Think Again

Martial arts or Kung Fu training is suitable for people of different age groups. No matter what your age you can take up the training classes which will help you gain fitness and wellness, both physically and mentally. Search online to find a martial arts school in your area that offers training for all age groups.

Most Popular Martial Arts Styles in the World

Contrary to popular belief, the founders or creators of the different types of martial arts are not fighters in real life. They did not come up with systems, which eventually became popular because they were involved in real unarmed conflict. The only fights they were involved in were athletic contests where they pitted their strength and wit against an opponent-perhaps another master who had a different fighting style.

How the Martial Arts Improve Mental Health

Most people that train the martial arts can supply you with anecdotal evidence that their training has helped them with things like aggressiveness, and lowering blood pressure, and even in getting off insulin. Now, more studies than ever show that training in the martial arts can have tremendous benefits to you overall mental well-being.

Cheating Your Strikes?

We all understand that the fastest way to get from point “A” to point “B” is a straight line right? Then why are many martial artist still using wide arching patterns for their strikes (all the time, every time)? Doesn’t it make more sense to try and cut down that arch to be as close to a “straight line” as possible? In this article I am giving you permission to cheat your strikes… and showing you how to do it.

Online Resources for Learning Filipino Martial Arts

Want to know where and how to learn Filipino martial arts? Check out this article for some great online resources for learning Filipino martial arts.

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