Cotto Vs Pacquiao Tickets

As far as sporting events are concerned, Cotto vs Pacquiao tickets are probably the most sought after tickets out there. With the fight scheduled to take place on November 14, 2009 in Las Vegas, many people are seeing this as an ideal opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Let’s face it; nothing beats the thrill and excitement of a night out in the world’s most popular casino city, and the best thing is, the fight is taking place just before the beginning of the holiday season, which makes it a perfect time for having a wild night out, either before or after the fight.

Boxing Equipment – Make Use of Them

Boxing is getting popular among the youth of the country and there is a sudden rise in demand for the boxing equipment. Even the teenagers have taken a interest in boxing and are eagerly buying boxing equipment. This is a good diversion for their aggressive minds which prevents them from taking part in street brawls.

Boxing Equipment – Their Uses

Boxing is one of the favorite games in U.K. especially for the teenagers. Good boxing clubs have sprung up across the country and there is a sudden demand for more boxing equipment now.

Punching Bag Benefits

Why consider using a punching bag? The obvious and non-obvious benefits of working a bag as well as some safety measures are reviewed.

Mike Tyson Rise and Downward Spiral

I was not alive to watch boxing greats like Jack Dempsey, Muhammad Ali, and Joe Frazier, but I was alive to watch the rise and fall of Mike Tyson. My dad was a huge boxing fan and being in the military there were always get together’s on base for every big boxing match one of the first fights I remember seeing was the Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Marvin Hagler in May of 1986.

Boxing Lesson – How to Improve Your Boxing Techniques

Here’s how to develop a good hit using nothing more than a mirror! Stand in front of your mirror. Have your toes pointing forward. With your arms hanging loosely downward. Place your feet so they’re 12 – 18 inches apart.

A Short Introduction to the Different Styles of Boxing

No person is the same. And the adage can be said in the sport of boxing. All boxers understand that the rule of the game is simple – punch your opponent until you knock him out, gives up, or the final bell sounded. But then, the way a boxer fights is what makes him different among the rest.

Bob Body Opponent Punching Bag – The Perfect Solution For Practice

The Bob body opponent punching bag is the perfect solution for boxing or martial arts practice. Now you can actually practice with a sparring Bob that doesn’t punch back. I like that! Seriously though, I am quite impressed with Bob the punching bag.

Buying a Leather Heavy Bag

A leather heavy bag is a specialized boxing bag designed to withstand years of abuse and help teach the boxer how to properly punch. It is designed to closely replicate the response that a gloved fist will have on a human body.

Reasons to Use a Free Standing Heavy Bag

The free standing heavy bag has become increasingly common as mixed martial arts have become popular. These bags offer a number of benefits over a hanging heavy bag. Even boxing studios have discovered these benefits and only the boxing purists scoff when they see this type of boxing bag at a boxing school.

Proper Use of a Heavy Bag

The boxing aficionado turned novice boxer will likely be eager to jump onto a Heavy bag their first day of boxing training. While some schools may allow this, they are likely doing so to humor the new student. Using a boxing bag of any kind requires so requisite skill and is not for the complete novice.

The Best Boxing Fights Ever – Revealed

What does it take to be considered the best boxing fight ever? Is it the way knockout punches were delivered? Is it the manner the opponent was put down in the earliest possible round? Is it winning over an opponent who holds the most number of world titles? What does it really take?

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