Karate Rules And Regulations

Karate is a sport that helps you remain physically strong and at the same time attain skills that you can use to protect yourself against your enemies. Since it’s a sport, it has its rules and regulations that need to be followed. The rules are: As a contestant, you should wear a regulation karate gi. The piece of clothing should not have any embellishments other than an emblem representing your country. When wearing the clothing you should not wear any kind of jewelry.

The Virtue of Justice and the Modern Samurai

When you as a martial artist study the samurai code, the idea of right and wrong, and justice come to mind. This article hits on that very lesson, and it’s possible application to martial artists today.

The Idea of Loyalty and The Samurai Code

When you think of the samurai, one trait that comes to mind must be loyalty. The samurai were loyal to their masters till death. This article discusses the idea of loyalty as a tenet of the samurai code, and how we can come to terms with applying it in our world today as we know it.

The Samurai Code and What It Teaches About Character

Adhering to the samurai code certainly developed discipline in any martial arts practitioner who dared stick with it for any length of time. This develops character in the martial artist, and that is the topic of this article.

Politeness and Respect in The Samurai Code

One can’t study the martial arts in a serious way without encountering some of the etiquette that may seem outdated to the uninitiated. Looking at the cultural significance of something like politeness to the samurai will give you a better understanding as to where and why these practices are still used to this day.

Life Lessons From Sun Tzu and The Art of War

So much can be learned from the martial strategists of the past. There are few who would argue that Sun Tzu was one of the best. As martial artists, how can we bring this ancient strategists wisdom to bear on our lives in a meaningful way? Read on for a few ideas on exactly this.

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