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Most people know the basic concept of one of today’s most violent sports, boxing, but contrary to popular belief, boxing is one of the oldest competitive sports still enjoyed today. Boxing has been around for so long, it has even been depicted on the walls of tombs in Egypt, dating from around 2000 to 1500 B.C. Boxing was also practiced by the empires of Ancient Rome and Greece. While the Greek fought with leather straps wrapped around their fists, the Romans used gloves wound with metal strips which promised a much more “interesting” show. Today’s boxing is of coarse much more civilized but it still carries on the tradition of heart pounding adrenaline that its ancient counterpart began.

Boxing Sparing Robots Needed

It is always difficult to find a good sparing partner to box with or practice martial arts. The better you get the fewer people who are willing to get in the ring or on the mat with your. Worse off if it is a friend and he makes a mistake, you often find yourself holding back on your gut instincts to take him out

Success Tips From Boxing

Success tips can be found everywhere you look. The competitive world of sport is full of life lessons which can help any of us in ordinary life. Boxing is especially competitive. It tests both body and mind. If you fail to learn its lessons you don’t survive long. This article shows how an actor used what he had learned from boxing to help his film career.

Success Lessons From Boxing

If you want to learn how to succeed in difficult situations, study the world of boxing. Boxers have to learn their success lessons quickly and thoroughly or they will suffer for it both physically and psychologically. The article takes a look at some of the powerful success and failure stories of 16 contenders at The Contender Gymnasium founded in LA by Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard to give an opportunity to some fine middleweight boxers.

Iron Mike and Boxing KOed

Sometimes, athletes can be extremely annoying to the average fan. It gets to the point that their freakish nature becomes more intriguing than watching them compete. Take the following pathetic account, for example.

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