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Some Martial Arts Use Kata

When learning about martial arts and self-defense, one of the first things you’re going to come across in your studies is kata. You can find this concept, which involves intricate, choreographed movements, either alone, or with another, in a variety of places. This Japanese word is used to describe theater forms and tea ceremonies.

Some Background on Goju-Ryu

The history alone of the Okinawa martial arts style known as Goju-ryu is fascinating. When you get further into the matter of this brand of self-defense, you’re going to discover several reasons that aptly explain why Goju-ryu is so utilized and well-respected.

Tell Me More About Gangrou-Quan

Emphasizing toughness and aggression, Gangrou-quan is a Chinese form of martial arts with a long, colorful history behind it. While you don’t need to know a complete history of this self-defense art form to appreciate what it is capable of in the present, a brief overview of Gangrou-quan will at least serve to illustrate why it is such a highly respected form of defense and offense.

A Little Bit About Chito Ryu

Although some will classify Chito-ryu as a form of martial arts that is Japanese, many current experts on this self-defense style will strongly disagree with such a classification. They will argue that because founder Tsuyoshi Chitose clearly utilized the influence of Okinawan Tode, the Chito-ryu style itself is therefore better classified as Okinawan.

What Is Dojo Kun?

A basic definition of dojo kun is fairly straightforward in the world of martial arts and self-defense. However, there are different ways in which that straightforward definition is applied. This is something that should be kept in mind. It is certainly something you’re going to discover, as you learn the various forms of dojo kun that exist in karate and elsewhere.

How to Break Out of Duct Tape

With crimes like carjacking and home invasion on the rise, learning self defense is very important. – And with duct tape being the restraint of choice used by criminals in many of these types of crimes. Learning how to break out of duct tape could save your life one day. This article will teach you just that.

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