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6 Ways Martial Arts Builds Confidence in Your Child

Martial arts are excellent for kids to aid their development into functional adults in many ways. This articles covers some research that describes 6 of those very ways.

Courage and Bravery in The Samurai Code

When studying the samurai code, words like courage, and bravery seem to be used interchangeably. This article goes in-depth to flesh out the differences between the two to reveal what the samurai code is all about.

Kendo: Old School Samurai Sword Fighting

Kendo is a martial art that focuses on the art of the sword. Of course, live blade practice can be extremely dangerous, so use of wooden or bamboo weapons are common practice. This article gives you a bit of the history of this amazing martial art.

Shotokan: The World’s Dominant Form of Karate

There are many styles of Karate out there, but Shotokan is arguably the most popular. This article gives the uninitiated a brief overview of this widely practiced martial art.

Aikido Rolling Done the Right Way

Aikido rolling is done in all martial arts, including karate, kenpo, taekwondo, and so on. Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be an efficient method for teaching this valuable martial arts skill. Here is the single theory and method that will make this movement very easy to teach.

Buying a Martial Arts Canvas Karate Uniform

If you have been training in martial arts for several years and wear the traditional style karate uniform you probably have several in various conditions, from ragged and frayed to brand new. For most of us our favourite is not the brand new sparkling white karate uniform, it’s the uniform that has softened with constant wear, and although it looks a bit shabby it is so comfortable you just can’t part with it. It’s true that you can feel almost sentimental about your ‘special’ karate uniform, it’s been through hundreds of training sessions and holds a lot of good memories.

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